Magazine to Masterpiece

Emma is an artist in the Boston area specializing in collage. Using clippings from recycled magazines, Emma creates portraits of people, landscapes, buildings, and more.

Montage of the collaging process.

A few years ago, Emma interned at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. She spent most of the day in the Art Studio, working with kids on art projects. Working at the museum helped her realize that there are endless possibilities for artists to turn their craft into a career. 

Emma now works at Harvard Business School as a Faculty Assistant. Harvard Business School has featured her work on their social media, guest gifts, and most recently, she was commissioned by the HBS Library. The collage of Baker Library was made from clippings of the Harvard Business Review.

Her most recent endeavor was the launch of her Etsy Shop, @theartofemmashop. Since it’s launch in 2021, she passed 200 sales.

The Eric Carle Museum: Collaging Animal Portraits