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  • The Art of Eric Carle

    The Art of Eric Carle

    Reflections on Eric Carle’s Legacy as a Former Museum Intern An influencer is defined as a person who inspires or guides the actions of others. After Eric Carle’s recent passing, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on how a humble man from upstate New York, who spent time cutting pieces of tissue paper and writing […]

  • The Art of the Playlist

    The Art of the Playlist

    It’s no wonder we listen to music when we are studying, driving, working out, or even sleeping. I like to call it getting “in the zone.” I can’t collage without turning on tunes. Listening to music is a crucial part of the creative process – especially for keeping focus. Whenever in a museum, especially art […]

  • The Art of Working from Home

    The Art of Working from Home

    I recently passed the two-month mark working from home in the quarantine. I’ll admit, working from home is not the most glamorous thing in the world, but I look back at this time as a period of personal growth as an artist. The Quarantine In the past two months, I’ve: Taught myself how to mosaic […]

  • The Art of Boston

    The Art of Boston

    Boston is such a beautiful city. It’s loaded with history, business, education, and culture. But it’s not just the triple deckers in Southie or the cannolis from Mike’s, that make Boston, Boston. It’s the people. I try to bring out the best of the Boston community through my art. Because Boston is a community that […]

  • Emma’s Special Sunday: Collaging Animal Portraits | Carle Museum

    Emma’s Special Sunday: Collaging Animal Portraits | Carle Museum

    All photos credited to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.   Recently an Art Studio Intern, Emma Tavolieri, designed and led a Special Sunday activity for our Museum guests with the theme “Inspired by Animals.” The following is Emma’s report on her process and the day: Often times with art projects, we face […]